Earlier today, Kanye West broke the Internet (again) but this time not for his infamous rants. He was shown meeting with US President-elect Donald Trump, for whom, during one of his rants, he had expressed admiration for.

The two controversial figures posed for photos but declined to take questions from journalists.

But it didn’t take much to decipher that while Jay Z might have been a favorite of the outgoing president Barack Obama, his former protege (who declared that their relationship is now strained) might be an insider at the new White House.

However, Kanye has taken to Twitter to explain why the meeting took place.

Kanye’s Rant from a recent San Jose concert on Trump:

Specifically to black people, stop focusing on racism. This world is racist, OK? Let’s stop being distracted to focus on that as much. It’s just a fucking fact. We are in a racist country, period. Do not allow people to make us talk about that so fucking long. Let’s talk about whatever the fuck you wanna talk about. Let’s stop talking about that, bro. It’s racist, OK? … And not one or the other candidate was gonna instantly be able to change that because of their views. Bottom fucking line.

He also stated his views on the campaign.  He said that nonpolitical methods of reaching people actually beat a political way of communicating.  He further went to state that sometimes things can’t go your way in order for things to be able to change. Numerous figures in music have spoken out against his election in regards to women, muslims and people of color specifically.

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