Fiya TV and “LIFE STARTS NOW” Strike Partnership

Life Starts Now and LSN Productions team with Fiya to take Texas to the next level.

Atlanta, GA Aug. 31, 2016  — Loretta, Mother Earth, Darien, Chris and Tina take you into their world as they venture into the starts of their life.  Welcome to “Life Starts Now” a diamond of a gem staring Summer Keiona, and her post graduate colleagues.  Detailing the awkward starts and fits of relationships, careers and self-discovery.  receiving underground support in the southwest the series and its creator Tezya Jackson is now witnessing something of a rebirth for the show and her production company titled the same.  Life Starts Now Productions is a media company that produces entertainment that vocalizes, and emphasizes the lives of everyday people living their life the best way they can.

Fiya TV, a pioneering TV network soon to reach homes nationwide is focused on taking Life Starts Now Productions national. After its run of Life Starts Now the TV show, look for more amazing content with riveting story lines and lasting characters to make its way to Fiya TV this coming spring.  As locally supported show Life Starts Now will flex its following to grow on a national level.  With the ability to triple its market share in each market its shown and promoted in; “they have the ability to rival some popular cable shows right out of the gate.” says key executive.  With Fiya providing broadcast automation this changes the playing field in Texas.   Fiya TV’s cloud-based architecture, cost to scale operation, crowd source marketing initiatives and keen eye for controlling cost for content instantly makes them a major player.

LIFE STARTS NOW is a juggernaut of a social phenomenon taking root out of Dallas, TX growing nationwide.   In addition, Ms. Jackson and her content partners will help outstrip neighbor Austin, Texas in new project production.  “The environment here has never been riper since the TV show Dallas for new projects here.”  With three additional projects slated for 2017 their numbers will definitely shift some of the national focus their way.

Life Starts Now Productions is making a return with new projects, added services and an artist spotlight; highlighting the beauty of artistry in all forms.


“Don’t wait another minute, LIFE STARTS NOW.”

For more information, please visit: www.Life Starts and





Fiya TV and “LIFE STARTS NOW” Strike Partnership

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