Fiya TV backs “THE AVE” Gritty New Drama

Atlanta and New York connect on serious urban drama

New York, NY Aug. 18, 2016 — “I’m not going to tell you where I’m going instead imma show you where I started” This is the opening line of the hot new series The Ave. Created by Joe Entertainment Television, the series is the brainchild of Bobby Ashley, straight out of Brooklyn New York.  Fiya TV and THE AVE have entered into a partnership focused on tightening action packed season 2.  Currently wrapping season 2, Fiya TV will focus on catching up the uninitiated with characters such as Nate, Stacy, Keith and Quan.  So watch for the season 1 warmup as the prequel for the hot new season coming this fall.

Fiya TV, as a pioneering TV network its bringing THE AVE, some south coast celebrity via Atlanta.  You never know who’s going to pop up in the new season.

Nate Brooks, an ambitious check fraudulent, husband and devoted father, thought he had everything under control while running his scamming business with his partners Keith, Quan and older sister Rolanda.

After Nate finds his best friend murdered, his survival makes him question his loyalty.  Eventually in the end someone will pay the price.

“THE AVE” gets an opportunity to grow its reach nationwide and gain a whole new legion of followers” Bobby Ashley.  The theme of the series, trust and loyalty has definitely proven to strike an international chord with fans, as far away as, Ghana.

As a 2016 Ocktober Fest Film Festival selection the quality in the work is being recognized nationwide.  The Ocktober Film Festival (OFF) is a New York film festival that serves as a platform for artist to express themselves through film and new media. Which has become a trusted resource for emerging and established filmmakers. OFF 2015 showcased some of the best visionaries in music and film. And adding The Ave to that list proves that they stay relevant.

Born and raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn and from the help of his mother and supportive family and friends, Bobby knew that he possessed  a gifted and talent that would ultimately  uplift the youth.  His writing inspired him to produce his own projects “Thicker than Water” (2010) “Repercussions” (2014) and currently the hit web-series “The Ave” (2016).

There is a saying, “Quality is its own reward”.  With the potential to quadruple its audience in such a short time through Fiya TV that reward is going to become very monetary.  For further information on the new season and all things “The Ave” contact via,  and







Fiya TV backs “THE AVE” Gritty New Drama

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