Atlanta keeps ringing up the  hits year after year.

2017: Gucci tops Billboard after three years in jail

Rae Sremmurd tops Billboard with a smash and inspires an Instagram challenge that took over the

internet. (Black Beatles)

Migos destroys Billboard with “Bad and Boujee” and a number one album

Now Future delievers two number one albums with in one week making charting history.

And this is just the first quarter

We caught up with Future who has greatly iluenced not only the current Atlanta sound, but

the state of hip hop in general (i.e. Desiigner).


“I’m the astronaut kid,” he says, impassive behind a pair of ever-present sunglasses. “At the end of the day, I’m out of here — above anything.”  “The music I make, I’m ­different,” he says, rocking a Balmain denim jacket with enough silver spangling woven through it to make Axl Rose jealous. “The melodies I come up with, they’re not normal. Every black person wasn’t playing the guitar — Hendrix did something special.”


“If I’m the biggest artist in the world, cool, but I want to just be me,” he says. “I want my money to be different. I’m not trying to have rapper money. My goal is to be able to get everything from the world that I can get.”

There are not many underground artist that command the type of figures or respect he has (never nominated for a Grammy but Desiigner has).  In addition to his chart dominance, his 2016 co-­headlining arena tour with Drake earned more than $80 million, according to Billboard Boxscore, making it one of the highest-grossing ­hip-hop tours of all time.

He has created hits with everyone from The Weeknd to Miley Cyrus — he remains a strangely ­underground phenomenon: massive with rap fans, relatively unknown by everyone else.


“The Grammys, they get what they get — the shit that they don’t, it’s the shit that they maybe don’t want to understand,” he says. “They’re not going to keep me from doing what I’m supposed to do as an artist.


Migos: On first hearing future: “I’d never heard nobody go so hard on Auto-Tune. And on rapping, I never heard anybody really snap like that,” he says. “That was a big moment for Atlanta. It touched the young n—as who was out grinding like us, and made us want to grind harder.”

L.A. Reid (CEO EPIC): Artist authenticity: “He has ­chosen to put out music that really fed his core ­[audience],” says the Epic chairman/CEO. “He has had radio hits, but they weren’t ­mainstream, top 40 hits. But he didn’t want that. And my take is that it ­elongates his career.”

Rico Wade (Cousin and founder of Dungeon Family[produced OutKast & TLC]): He was part of what Wade calls “the street side of the family — they all hustled.” “When I got him around the music he sounded good,” says Wade. “But I really wanted to know if I could trust him. The reason he has excelled in the music game is because he has a moral ­compass — he doesn’t take advantage of people, and he can tell who’s really down for him and who’s not.”


At his house in Miami “I love waking up to the beach, the yachts, the fast cars and the foreign cars,” “There’s a wide range of inspiration here.” Today’s ride is both fast and foreign: a $200,000 bespoke Range Rover SVR,  As a general principle, Future would rather ride than drive —  which is why his favorite cars in his fleet are the Bentley Bentayga SUV and the Maybach. “Six years I been having a driver,” he says. “That’s how I play the game.”

“I’m just on some other shit.”  “Diamond rings, Cartier ­bracelets.” He pulls out his chains, which include a custom Chanel rosary.  “If you’re ­wondering how much, say, a gold Patek Philippe watch costs? You’ll have to find out for yourself.  Just write that it’s expensive,” says Future. “I wouldn’t want anybody ­reading this interview to feel like it’s ­unachievable. If they want to know what ‘expensive’ is, they can Google it. When you start throwing numbers at n—as, they start getting afraid, they might give up” — he starts cackling — “or commit suicide.”


His kids range in age from 2 to 15.  Not exactly a conventional dad, is clearly one of the things he’s most proud of. “I’m the motherf—ing provider,” he says. “That’s what God put me here for. Everybody ride what they want to ride, dress how they want to dress, live how they want to live.”


Future insists he’s in a good place. “I feel like everything happened for a reason,” he says. “I’m happy with life now. I’m happy with life, period” “I’m just not going to settle for anything, you know? Even in my life now, I know I can be a better person. I ain’t giving up on myself, so if you give up on me, I ain’t got nothing else to say for you. Because if you give up on ­something that’s real, it wasn’t real to you.”

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