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Chris Brown:

Chris Brown’s Party, featuring Gucci Mane and Usher(the ATL connection) hit number one for R&B on the charts.

is taking the rated-freaky route with his latest single, “Privacy.” Soaked in the joys of sex and lust, we find Breezy locked under the spell of good loving.

Released Friday (March 24), the track is rooted with production by D.A. Doman with Brown singing of a lady’s special presence. “I’ma slow it down, ’cause ain’t no speed limit/When we’re moving at the speed of sound/We gon’ turn all the way up when the lights down/Why your pussy so damn good, miss lady?/Go and put that booty up, baby, one on one/You know I’ma go crazy when your legs in the air”

Well, well. The song is also an interpolation of the 90’s reggae jam “Tight Up Skirt.” “Ayy you, girl, with the tight up skirt/Get that ass in the bed, I’ma lock the door/Shake that ass like boom shakalaka, boom shakalaka (boom, boom)/We don’t need nobody watching us (yikes!)” “Privacy” will be featured on Breezy’s upcoming album, Heartbreak On A Full Moon.

TREY SONGZ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           A Beef with August Alsina  “Y’all remember August was talking crazy a couple years ago and I ain’t want to fight? I don’t want to fight. I want to get some money,” he said. “I don’t want to fight nobody. That don’t prove nothing. I’m 32-years-old. I got hands. It don’t prove nothing to beat nobody up.”

Jumping in the middle of the Remy/Nicki beef:

He actually has managed to put out some hot new music.  With his own reality show “Tremaine” as a platform he has released visuals for the singles  Animal, She Lovin’ it and Playboy.  Welcome the birth of “Tremaine” the album.  With the revamped website this will definitely give Trey Songz fans a full on experience.  With an up coming tour, starting where? W ait for it…..Detroit.



In the Leading Male R&B Category

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